Cryptocurrency Software Development Company Malaysia

  • Cryptocurrency Software Development Company Malaysia

    Cryptocurrency Software Development Company Malaysia – Software Blockchain department specializes in providing high-end solutions for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. CryptoSoft Malaysia, Blockchain department has vast experience in building and reviewing security applications, a deep understanding of the Blockchain technology, and comprehensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency world – thus offering top-notch Blockchain software development services.

    Cryptocurrency Development Company Malaysia-Cryptocurrency can be developed on many platforms. You can build your blockchain that is either a bitcoin, litecoin or monero fork. The cryptocurrency development will have all the features like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Monero and can be customized as per requirements.

    Our services start at the planning phase, building the architecture, choosing the best technical solutions, defining the product specifications and planning the R&D process. We offer full solution including UI & UX design, integration, QA, deployment and support.

    Consulting whether blockchain is the best solution for your product.

    Consultation and implementation of transferring your processes to a Blockchain based technology.

    Implement a private Blockchain in your organization.

    Writing smart contract code in RootStock for Bitcoin and Solidity for Ethereum.

    Planning the architecture and choosing the best software solution for your Blockchain based software.

    Review smart contracts for misbehavior, flaws and inefficiency.

    Develop special applications on Blockchain, such as wallets, exchanges, loan platforms, supply chain platforms and more.

    He who comes first gets it all. We know the importance of time in the Crypto-Currency field. With emerging competitive technology to back us, our professionals will incorporate with you and help you get a clear understanding of the business objectives.

    We have a panel of Crypto-Currency developers who will guide you through every step of Crypto-Currency development from its inception to launch with high-quality work and expertise.

    Full scale solution for your Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on Ethereum (ERC20):

      Analyzing your product/service
     Proposing Blockchain solutions
     ICO pricing strategy
     Marketing strategy
     Writing whitepaper
     Token creation / smart contract
     ICO crowdsale management

    The amazing accomplishment fulfilled by Bitcoin has cleared new ways Cryptocurrency development services. A few Cryptocurrencies have created since the dispatch of Bitcoin and new keep coming every so often. All these Cryptocurrencies are from the main Bitcoin source-code and these are as often as possible called “Bitcoin Clones or Altcoins.” Being the world’s first digital currency, Bitcoin has been an immense accomplishment. Additionally, since it is open-source, anyone can use the same to make another Cryptocurrency.

    CryptoSoft Malaysia teams take pride in ourselves that we have the resources to create a flawless Crypto-Currency development company with unmatched reputation.
    Secured, Reliable and Transparent

    Blockchain as a basis has its own set of security rules and features to start with. At Infinite Block Tech, we aid you to develop a secure code for your Crypto-Currency development service that will promise to be reliable and transparent Crypto-Currency development services from us.
    What we do..

     Smartcontract development
     Custom Coin development
     Decentralized Coin / Token Landing page with clear communication of vision
     Dashboard for investors with 3 stages: Pre-Decentralized Token, Decentralized Token and Burn Decentralized Token
     Accept Top 10 Virtual currencies along with Fiat Wire Transfer, Credit & Debit Cards
     Coin Owner Dashboard to take full control of the events
     Time based referral bonus for investors
     Multi tier Referral bonus for investors
     Promo codes for evangelists
     Coin drop to all wallets based on their deposit and cumulative bonus count
     Review of the core project documents Legal
     Completely optimized professional Whitepaper written by an expert
     Recommendations on White Paper, web page, key press releases 
     Drafting or review of legal documents Terms of Use, agreements, Privacy Policy, warranties, disclaimers, risk factors
     Ongoing Legal advice on Decentralized Token specifics throughout the token sale
     Decentralized Token Marketing
     Marketing consultations Guidance on marketing tools setup from Decentralized Token experts
     Consultations on Decentralized Token PR specifics Ongoing consulting throughout the PR campaign
     A Preset PPC account with predefined keywords and targeted tools Reach the target audience of token purchasers
     Targeted marketing strategy 65+ battle-tested tools for your team to use, with impact description
     Featured Article on Forbes and VentureBeat
     Featured Article on Steemit, HuffingtonPost and Medium
     Dedicated person Decentralized Token marketing team manning Reddit, Telegram and Slack Channel
     Evangelizing on Facebook and Twitter

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