How To Start An ICO - Blockchain App Factory

  • ICOs are the hot topic of the day and deservedly so, because of their potential to be agile capital-raisers for coin creation at almost one fourth the cost of an IPO. ICOs can be looked upon as an alternative method of crowdfunding that has evolved outside of the traditional system of finance.

    An ICO progresses over a period of a week or more and allows the purchase of newly issued token in exchange for the pre-established cryptocurrency. The token will have a designated price which does not change during the period of ICO making the token supply static.

    Other options are to have a static supply with dynamic funding (More the funds, higher the token price) or have a dynamic token supply that will be determined by the number of funds received (Static price for token, new token created for every paid currency unit within a limited time frame).

    ICOs are one of the easiest and quickest ways for companies to fund their projects and for users to invest in projects. Read further to know more -