Why do we need ethereum tokens? Is it useful in this covid-19 season?

  • If you are a startup that wants to get interested in the Crypto world, the crypto token is the best method to increase your business and make it more simplistic. In the Ethereum platform, the blockchain performs a notable place and makes it more worthwhile to the users to amplify their projects through Dapps and Smart contracts.

    In ICO, the fundraising methods which are used to convert your crypto token into digital coins or crypto coins like bitcoin, ethereum and much more., If tokens are designed in Dapp, then it is more likely as many as possible.

    Ethereum token Standards:

    In the Tokenization space, there are more token standards. But Most of the Dapps Token creations are done with ERC20 standards. Most of the people say ERC20 is the best token standards for reliability and highly securable.

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