How do Ethereum smart contracts work?

  • An innovative technology designed on the blockchain basis, smart contracts is changing the way entrepreneurs run businesses at the core. By operating on Ethereum, the alternative to traditional contracts is a self-executing program designed to enforce an agreement between two parties without the need for the intermediary. This factor greatly reduces costs associated with hiring a costly attorney and a bank representative. Notably, the network of computer nodes will endorse transactions solely depending on the fulfilment of the contract’s conditions.

    A multi-functionality of digital contracts endows them with the following features:

    • Availability of accounts with multiple signatures authorizing the funds’ expenditures only in case a certain portion of people give their consent;
    • Agreements’ management between users in case of, for instance, a purchase of an insurance;
      Provision of utility to other agreements;
    • Data storage such as domain registration and membership reports.
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