How Does Blockchain Impact Real Estate Transactions?

  • In Real estate, Tokenization refers to the process of converting securities, real estate assets, financial instruments into digital tokens. Tokenization comes along with blockchain technology, that completely transforms the business, the way it functions, and the way investors look at real estate investments.

    Blockchain based tokenization platforms offer numerous advantages to the investors that includes fractional ownership, elimination of third parties, globalization, improved liquidity etc. Speaking of transactions, blockchain indeed takes the whole process to a new level with benefits like,

    • In a real estate tokenized platform, every transaction is regulatory compliant and is legitimate.
    • In a blockchain based tokenized platform, investors can directly conduct transactions between themselves, without involving any third parties.
    • Tokenization along with blockchain, allows global transactions at reduced costs. Also, it improves the speed, efficiency, accuracy of transactions in a highly-secure manner. Read more -