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    This is a Community Announcement from THE HOLISTIC TRADER about Scott Herman Schink from TradeCryptoLive and TheForexCrypt
    Both of these men are the most dishonest and shady people I have ever come across currently in the Crypto and Forex space and their list of scams and lies is extensive so please bear with me while I work thru this list.
    This man is a convicted felon and served 10 years in prison. He was only released in 2018.

    So far his only claim to anything even remotely legit is that he did a training course with Scott Barkley from Proact Traders, unfortunately his aim of doing this course was to merely steal in it's entirety the Proact Course and sell it to new traders coming into the Crypto space, which equates to fraud.
    1 count of fraud for every time he sold someone else copyrighted material.

    We also have extensive video evidence and proof of this which will follow very soon or you can even see it on his own YouTube channel where he claims Scott Barkleys software and trading rooms are his own.
    We have also seen his trading results which are just appauling.

    Please see the 2 videos below for more info on this person's sheer inability to trade even remotely successfully.

    Since this time his crime spree in Crypto has just magnified to gigantic proportions which I will outline below.

    1. Fraud
    2. Copyright Infringement
    3. Theft
    4. Associating with other known and convicted felons (Mo Baksh) See image.
    5. Breaching his bail conditions
    6. Harassment
    7. Cyber bullying.
    8. Breaching the Information Securities Act
    9. Creating fake websites to commit fraud
    10. Endless lies and abuse online
    11. IRS fraud
    12. Tax Evasion in the US

    I mean the list goes on and on but that is the most severe of his criminal acts.
    He also never shows his face online for good reason as his information and pictures can be very easily found by simply typing SCOTT HERMAN SCHINK into google.
    I have also posted below a large quantity of very public and easily accessible links to his court records and his company registration in Puerto Rico to avoid tax which is also illegal as he still lives and is on parole in North Caroline.

    Criminal Records

    SCOTT SCHINK'S PAROLE OFFICER J. Smith Supervising U.S. Probation Officer
    150 Rowan Street Suite 110 Fayetteville, NC 28301 Ph: 910-483-8613

    Here is Scott's Business Partner also admitting to being a convicted felon and not being able to attend a meeting due to him having to meet his PO aka Parole Officer.

    I can see why Mr Scott Herman Schink is under considerable stress, the thought of realising you are on your way back to Prison quite possibly for good would stress anyone out.
    I have an easy fix for oyu however Scott, STOP LYING!

    Further below this is links to his company registration as he will most likely try to convince people that he isn't Scott Schink as the guy is a compulsive liar but here is yet more proof.

    1. TM registration

    2. Company registration:

    3.Open Corporates:

    1. Offshore Accounts:

    President: Scott Schink aka Parker Scoot on Facebook at least for this week anyway as he changes it weekly it appears.

    1. Finally the Solicitor he lied to in order to setup a tax dodge in Puerto Rico which is only available to those people who are expats and not convicted felons.

    These are all undisputable facts and what has happened more recently is that upon me finding all of this information about Scott his crimes have now become very much more actionable with criminal repercussions and yet more jail time which is why the FBI, Interpol and the IRS are now involved.

    Since my own dealings with this emotionally erratic and unstable criminal he has used my own publicly available companies house records from the UK to setup a fake website using my details obtained from companies house and has included my name and Company number on this website. It also include my home address.

    Which has been verified also before the Police and my Cyber Security Specialist assisted me in having it removed and he had also set up fake Twitter profiles, one being in my name with a image that looks nothing like me trying to make it appear as though I am somehow Affiliated with this scam which he setup.

    Image Below.

    Luckily however the Police have very quickly intervened and assisted me in having the site blacklisted and removed but not before getting all the info we needed.
    This has all been linked back to an address in the UK and an associate of Mr Schink's who at this stage shall remain nameless as we don't wish to alert him to our knowledge of who he is.
    As well as Mr Schink setting up numerous fake account on Twitter, Facebook, and many other sites including Gmail accounts to send me regular and quite filthy abuse, over the last 2 weeks with over over 200 emails sent in the last day.

    And quite curiously the only thing that shows up when you search for BlockTraders online is Joel Kovshoff from Bangkok. Another well known Scammer. Are these people all part of a wider crime syndicate working in Crypto to defraud unsuspecting investors.
    It certainly looks very suspicious to me.

    Joel Kovshoff featured in the Middle as the owner of BlockTraders on Facebook.

    Mr Schink and his associates are also masquerading on Twitter @theforexcrypt and via their scam website at where they have been engaged in systematic and targeted harassment of me for nearly 2 months now with numerous fake claims, abusive emails, claims I have DDOS attacked them which have been confirmed by my provider TALK TALK as untrue and outright lies.

    This ForexCrypt person is no better than a troll keyboard warrior that is trying to make a name for himself on Twitter yet is failing massively and struggles to keep his follower count above 170, he is nothing more than a foolish child hiding behind a website trying to find some purpose in life, if you want a purpose chief. Go get a job.

    We also know now 100% that this Bob Mackenzie's Gmail account also belongs to Scott Herman Schink. This Bob Mackenzie person aka [email protected] has so far claimed, FALSELY and then admiited to lying that he was firstly related to Nick Mack from Macks Solicitors in the UK - LIE.

    Nick Mack is one the UK's most respected Solicitors and doesnt talk like an unemployed redneck with a trash mouth. Like this Bob MacKenzie aka Scott Herman Schink does.

    1. Nick Mack

    Then he claimed he was Tim Armstrong from Verizon, then finally Tim Armstrong from London. (Clearly Scott Herman Schink once again as he cant keep his lies in check), I recommended he get himself a notepad to keep track of all his lies. All of this information has now been handed over to the FBI in the US and Interpol in the UK.

    1. Tim Armstrong

    Then he flipped again to saying he was Tim Armstrong from London. I mean, this guy.
    As the saying goes you can't fix stupid

    Scott now is very much on the defensive and attacking me as much as possible with fake accounts and pointless nonsense blog posts calling me a scammer which is just a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black and trying to link me to a court case in Tasmania back home in my native country of Australia in Feb 2020 and to say this is desperation is an understatement as I moved to the UK in Dec 2014 and have been here since not to mention I've never been to Tasmania in my life.

    Anyone who has had previous dealings with Mr Schink will know that this type of behaviour is standard from him and also according to the North Wales Police it is also common place of criminals when they are being painted into a corner.
    So while he may try to put me in a bad light it will not silence me and I will not stop.

    People like SCOTT HERMAN SCHINK are a stain on Crypto and the world in general and the only place they belong is back in Prison!

    So my strong advice to the wider Crypto and Bitcoin Community is please for the love of God do not give this man your money, he is no better than those Nigerian email scammers that email you offering to 2 tonnes of gold if you send them your passport.


    Michael A Watkins
    The Real One!

    I will follow this up again tomorrow with all the harassing emails and tweets from Bob MacKenzie aka Scott Schink and theforexcrypt along with his harassment of other people that didnt wish to hear from him.
    They all came and spoke to me directly and now know the truth.