Real Estate Tokenization: How Blockchain Can Transform the Sector

  • The world of real estate has been abuzz with tokenization. Real estate tokenization has been in vogue for quite some time in the recent past, and a lot of blockchain app development companies have been in the spree of creating real estate tokenization platforms.

    Is this asset tokenization a fad or the future? What will be the future of the tokenization of real estate assets? What advantages do they bring?

    The oncoming paragraphs answer these trillion-dollar questions!

    One of the cheesiest lines used by a lot of real estate companies to lure their clients is ‘the best investment on Earth… is Earth self!’ – it surely does sound cheeky, but it cannot be denied that real estate is one of the best avenues of investment. The lucrativeness of real estate is country-agnostic. Real estate is a good investment that holds good in the United States as much as it does in India. Read further to know more -