How to Launch my ICO?

  • Initial Coin Offering has become a beacon of hope for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. It has given a much-needed alternative to raising funds rather than being at the mercy of banks or other financial institutions. All sounds tempting, right? And makes you think can I Launch my ICO?

    Yes, you can. Assuming you are set with your world-changing Idea and team. There are certain things to be kept in mind and check before launching an ICO:


    A proper Whitepaper covering all the crucial details of the project and explanation of idea would help generate the necessary interest towards the ICO project.

    Marketing Website:

    The dedicated website should contain all the necessary information including company details, team details, the above-said whitepaper for download, previous achievements (if any) and more.

    Core Team:

    In whitepaper and website, all details about the core team including pictures and short descriptions about their roles and responsibilities


    In whitepaper and website, details about the timeline including Alpha & Beta release, milestones for the future etc.

    Coin Distribution:

    Usually, the basic structure followed by many companies are: (these can be modified accordingly)
    Public offering - 50%
    Distributed to the team - 25%
    For future - 25%


    Hosting a secured server to raise the necessary funds and distributed tokens.
    All this are just some of the many steps that need to be performed for ICO launching. Why don't you get in touch with Blockchain App Factory.? They are the leading ICO launching company with numerous successful launches under their wings. Contact them today!