Waves.Exchange referral program: Earn 20% of referral revenue

  • What is staking on waves.exchange?
    Waves.Exchange has launched a new financial instrument that allows anyone to annually earn about 10% in dollars. Payments occur daily through a smart contract. While staking, you have full control over your funds: you can cancel staking at any moment without losing the earned interest.

    How does a referral program work?
    You can earn on a referral program even without depositing money. The referral program rewards Waves.Exchange users for bringing new users. The reward is 20% of the revenue from each user who signs up for a referral link. You can invite an unlimited number of people.

    Get your referral link here

    1. Go to the waves.exchange/staking page
    2. Sign up or log in to your account
    3. Copy the referral link by clicking on it
      alt text
    4. Use this link to invite new users.
    5. Receive daily payouts. They will be marked with a special icon in the payment history.
      alt text