Security Token Offering - Services

  • With the rapid growth of digital technology, there are only a few who have not yet heard of the innovative notion of Security Token Offering used to raise funds for ventures from international accredited investors. Compared to ICO which is designed to only bring in investment without the consequent efficient deployment of the capital, STO ensures the legal compliance of the tokens thus making them transparent, liquid, and transferrable. Blockchain App Factory has already helped numerous organizations to achieve their security token related goals and is continuing to introduce other players to the digital investment arena.

    • Created to bring institutional investors on board the cryptocurrency and blockchain era, STOs provide them with a wide range of financial rights written in the Smart Contract. They include but are not limited to dividends, equity, profit-sharing, and buy-back rights.
    • In addition to that, a built-in voting platform running on the blockchain reduces overhead in the voting process thus making the governance of your business more effortless. Increasing trust among investors, a scalable platform gives investors voting rights enabling them to take advantage of the system’s decentralized nature.
    • Reducing the risks via reputation scoring thus helping issuance companies identify high-risk individuals, KYC/AML automation demonstrates investors fraud-free identification while also eliminating money laundering activities.
    • Companies are given the ability to legally verify their investors through the accredited verification tool. Background verification via professionally licensed attorneys is an essential step to be undertaken by organizations across all the industries.

    Being market leaders in the blockchain technology, Blockchain App Factory carries on providing effective solutions to companies’ needs with the help of its cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token issuance platform.