Build legally compliant STOs now and raise prodigious funds for your venture!

  • STO- Security token offering is one of the most popular fundraising methods currently in the cryptosphere. How STO works is that an owner is issued with coins/ tokens that he sells to potential investors to raise funds for his startup business. STOs are most preferred because they are completely regulated and allows only authentic users which guarantee safety and security.

    If you want to create your own STOs, this is the right time as the demand and competition are wide-spread. Instead of building from scratch, the best option is to hire a top STO development company that will offer reliable solutions. Let’s see what are all the services they will offer.

    STO development services

    • Multi-ledger Token/ coin creation
    • Legal complaint structure
    • Automated globalized KYC/AML
    • STO investor dashboard
    • Advanced blockchain technology integration and smart contracts
    • Secured wallets
    • Automated reporting
    • Enhanced security

    For reliable STO development services, reach out to Blockchain App Factory. With the above-mentioned services, they also customize your tokens according to your preferences, at cost-effective prices.