Impact of Blockchain Technology in Real Estate Industry

  • The real estate industry is the largest asset class in the world, and it continues to play a massive role in the global economy. Though the industry has come a long way from pen and pencil to the digital platform, there is still a lack of trust and transparency in transaction and record management.

    There are myriad issues that severely plagued the real estate sector. Some of them are:

    Not Accessible to Everyone:

    The majority of real estate investment is still in the hands of riches; it is almost inaccessible or limited access to the average person who wants to invest. Most importantly, there are a lot of entry barriers to investing in foreign real estate projects - citizenship, accountants, credit policies, international bank accounts, and much more. Along with these issues, you need to go through several intermediaries to invest in the property of your choice.

    Software is eating the world and blockchain technology is going to take most of it. From asset management to accelerating investment opportunities, blockchain could have a profound impact across the real estate sector. Read the blog to know more about it. Follow the link to know more -