Nuclear Sleep or Just a Slumber, what’s it to be for Bitcoin?

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    What’s with the grave cryptomarket?

    Is “crypto-winter” really here? Let’s find out the answer to this trillion dollar question. Not just Bitcoin but the entire crypto market has been agonized by this year-long deterioration. As a consequence of this value drop, caused by the weak adoption of Bitcoin, there is now a dent in the cryptocurrency industry. The only thing ‘stable’ about Bitcoin has been the perpetual fall in its price. Bitcoin’s prime-time was in December 2017, when the price soared to almost $20,000. Now, the prices have dropped by almost 80%.

    Many conjectures from various companies have led to the assumption that crypto-winter could go on for a longer time if prices fall any further.

    The peril of going into a nuclear crypto-winter is scary, to say the least.

    A few pressing questions like, ‘why is crypto adoption not being done for real where are the real numbers and volumes? Was all this just a bubble?’a re being asked on the internet by many crypto enthusiasts.

    Bitcoin’s value is fluctuating. It gains momentum only to take several steps back. The unpredictability and uncertainty on a daily basis is the right time for acquisition and adoption, but this isn’t something traders want right now. This virtual winter has caused many bitcoin and cryptocurrency based startups to cut down on jobs or entirely shut shop. The new top 5 roster shows, the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV have been struck out from the list.....Read More