Future of Cryptocurrency

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    Thanks to an HBO series (no points for guesses), the word ‘Crypt’ has been more associated with horror than any other emotion. It might be very difficult for that influence to be broken and for people to step into the positive light for anything that starts with ‘Crypto’. Cryptocurrency has not been an exception to suffering this taboo-driven aversion. However, in the recent past, cryptocurrency has started to acquire a shimmer, and even a lot of mainstream Financial Institutions have started to appreciate the relevance, dependability and a plethora of other advantages offered by cryptocurrency in specific, and blockchain at large.

    Fintech – of Both Finance and Technology:

    Finance and Technology have always been in a love-hate relationship. The increasing demands of security, the world moving towards mobile and Internet-based transactions, and above everything, the globalization of Financial Institutions and transactions have made finance and Technology get into an unbreakable bond, resulting in the birth of the new domain called fintech.

    The advancement of fintech and the emergence of cryptocurrency have paved way for a lot of innovations and revolutions to happen in 2019, and in the future, that might seem a bit too distant but is actually not!

    Regulation and Institutionalization of Crypto Ecosystem

    Bitcoin flew to unfathomed heights at the end of 2017, and it fell again! For the uninitiated who knew bitcoin as just as a fad, it might have been yet another trend on the Internet. However, for those who knew the awesomeness of blockchain and cryptocurrency, which includes international players like Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, and JP Morgan, it was an indicator of the relevance of blockchain and the importance of cryptocurrency.

    The future looks at the world of cryptocurrency becoming a viable investment platform, and this process might involve some of the world’s largest financial and technological companies collaborating to create the magic. The fact that JP Morgan has launched Quorum, a finance-exclusive blockchain, is a clear indicator that cryptocurrency is making quantum strides.....Read More

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