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  • What is a Crypto HYIP script or bitcoin high yielding investment program script?

    A cryptocurrency powered high yielding investment platform that offers higher Return On Investments (ROIs) to those who invest over a fixed period of time. The Crypto HYIP uses cryptocurrency as a medium of investment and returns instead of regular fiat currency. Using this Bitcoin Hyip script, you can start a profitable HYIP business within 4 days (assuming you've figured out the area of investment and the investment plans).

    How do you make money using this Crypto hyip script?

    There are multiple avenues through which the platform owner makes money using the crypto HYIP script. The revenue opportunities we've built into the platform are:

    Profit from Investments

    The platform owner makes money for other investors by making a well analyzed, strategic investment across different investment products that are available in the mainstream markets or through businesses that need liquidity to operate/ expand. Once a sizeable capital is invested across different investment products, profits from these are calculated and a portion of it used to payout the users who have invested through your platform.


    For the platform to grow, it needs more investors to lend their cryptocurrencies. Once you have paid back the promised amount to the first set of users who had invested on your platform, with a referral incentive, they would be more than happy to refer their friends and family to your platform. This infuses fresh crypto capital for the platform.

    How does the Crypto HYIP Business work?
    Anyone who is looking to increase their cryptocurrency investment would signup on the hyip mlm software and would choose the tenure and the returns frequency that the bitcoin hyip software administrator sets through the admin panel. (Yes, it's completely configurable).

    The user can choose daily, weekly, monthly or yearly returns that the platform offers based on that, their returns are slotted. A cryptocurrency wallet is automatically created for the user and they would have to deposit the cryptocurrency which they had chosen earlier by sending the amount to the platform's wallet address. That's all they need to do.

    The administrator/ platform owner of the bitcoin HYIP script would then use this investment to make calculated investments across a series of businesses and investment products in different markets to make consistent profits that can be paid out to the users and keep a portion for themselves as well. The key to running this business is winning user's trust by regularly paying out the people who have invested. There's also high risk involved when it comes to making investments, the administrator should be aware of it.

    How is this Crypto HYIP Script different from other scripts?

    Keeping in mind the difficulties faced by the HYIP MLM industry and the hardship in using some of the HYIP MLM SOFTWARE, that is available in the market. The Cryptocurrency based HYIP script was designed built to address three main issues: Clarity, Trust, and Ease of Use. The owner of the Bitcoin HYIP script can easily display the relevant information and provide a break down of different things involved, the charges and the benefits of investing on the platform, so the investors can make informed decisions. This also builds trust. The HYIP software allows the administrator to focus on working on investments and worry less about managing the platform. The concierge-like administrator dashboard on the platform displays all the payout amounts, plan management, profit calculator etc to make it easier for the administrator to manage the entire platform.

    What are the features of this Crypto HYIP script?

    Plan Builder

    The administrator can build customized investment plans that can be displayed on the user-facing side of the website. The plan builder allows,


    On the fly rate calculator for the investors. Before making an investment, they can calculate the amount they would have to invest and the returns gained over a period of time they choose.

    Crypto Wallet

    The Hyip software creates a cryptocurrency wallet under each user account when they sign up, offering convenience and control over the amounts deposited.

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