What is Masternode Cryptocurrency?

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    Anything that is prefixed with the term ‘master’ adds a touch of awesomeness and Masternode Cryptocurrency falls in the same line. Before we go on to understand what it is, throwing some light into what it can do is bound to make everyone curious about what Masternode Cryptocurrency is.

    The Growth Hack of Cryptocurrency World

    Warren Buffet has said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die!” If passive income generation is one of the goals of your involvement in cryptocurrency, Masternodes are the key.

    Now that your attention has been grabbed, let us go on to find out what exactly Masternodes are!

    What are Masternodes?

    As we all know, blockchain is a decentralized network. A Masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is a cryptocurrency full node or more like a single-computer wallet that keeps a full copy of the entire blockchain.

    Unlike other nodes on the blockchain, a Masternode can perform added functions like:

    Increasing transaction-privacy
    Effecting Instant Transactions
    Participating in Governance and Voting
    Enabling Budgeting and Treasury systems on the blockchain
    Just like the classical server, the Masternodes are always in communication with other nodes, and it is this communication that upholds the value of decentralization........Read More