real estate tokenization

  • What is real estate tokenization?

    Real estate tokenization is help owner to sell their property in tokens with help of blockchain. we also call it real estate assets, real estate assets tokenization, tokenization real estate assets.
    Think you are the owner of a single property and It sq is 100.
    You need some money but you also don't want to sell anything. There you have an opportunity to take the help of real estate assets. you convert 100sq into 10 times. 10sq, 10sq like this.

    you sell that property in token of 10sq. Buyers will buy 10sq or more but you don't want to sell full 100sq. so here they can't buy all the 100sq.

    they will buy with any cryptocurrency.

    selling your property in tokens with help of blockchain-based security is a real estate tokenization.
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