Asset Tokenization — the Paradigm Shift

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    The World Economic Forum has made a bold prediction. It has predicted that over the next decade, 10% of the world’s GDP, which amounts to 10 trillion USD, will be in the form of cryptographic assets.

    In other words, the market presence of tokenization will appreciate by 2.67 billion US$ in just four short years. North America is expected to be the largest market. In the heels of the World Economic Forum, Transparency Market Research has forecasted that the asset tokenization market will appreciate to 6 billion US$ by the year 2026.

    Dominant market players and solutions providers such as VISA, Mastercard, Dell Technologies, Verifone, Ingenico Payments, TokenEx, and CiperClouds are looking to get a slice of the tokenization action.

    Overall, analysts have painted a rosy future for tokenization. This blog takes an in-depth look at what asset tokenization is, and what an asset tokenization offering (ATO) comprises of.....ReadMore