Asset Tokenized Offering (ATOs)

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    Asset Tokenized Offerings are trending, and are currently the buzzword within the cryptosphere. At this moment, ATOs are more the future of the blockchain than ICOs. Asset Tokenized Offerings are set to drive adoption and legitimize the space.

    Tokenized Assets are given to prospective investors through what are referred to as STOs (Security Token Offerings), TAOs (Tokenized Asset Offerings), or ATOs (Asset Tokenized Offerings). They provide an undeniable set of benefits to the domain of purchasing and selling securities. Tokenization of assets enable the transferring of physical assets from one location to another, and to redefine ownership -- fully in the digital space.

    The following are a few features of Asset Tokenized Offerings (ATOs):

    -> ATOs are an evolutionary phase of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs (Security Token Offerings)

    -> High cost barriers are reduced / eliminated

    -> Geographical restrictions are done away with

    -> Reduced capability to invest in larger assets due to investment strength is eradicated

    -> Investors can enjoy good returns while engaging in diversification of their portfolio

    -> They enable smaller investors investment opportunities