Various types of tokenization platforms and ways to go about building one!

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    Tokenization is the current “trend” among business magnets. We all come from the digital era, where cryptocurrencies are widely evolving and many business entities and financial organisations have started adapting to tokenization, as a mechanism for exchanging transactions and raising capital for their business. If you want to explore and be a part of one such business, it is very important for you to go-in deep and know all about what is there in the market, and how to create your tokenization platform for a successful business. So, let’s find out below what they are.

    Tokenization platforms:

    First, let’s start with the specific and most essential types of  tokenization platforms. They are as follows,

    Security tokenization platforms:

    Security tokens are those that come along with certain legal regulations abiding by particular regions. The process of security tokenization is materializing financial rights in security, by digitizing an asset on the blockchain. The financial rights include voting rights, dividend shares, return investments etc.

    ICO tokenization platform:

    ICO tokens are similar to security tokens, which are also exchanged to raise funds but the difference is that, it doesn’t abide by any legal restrictions like security tokens.

    Real estate asset tokenization:

    Real estate asset tokenization is a process converting your real estate property into a digital asset which removes various challenges and provides benefits like increased liquidity, fractional ownership and helps with a peer-peer quick, efficient transaction process.

    The above mentioned are all the different types of tokenization platforms. One of the top companies to provide reliable platforms for all these tokenization services is Blockchain App Factory, as they work with a team of blockchain pioneers who will provide utmost security and integrated features for a successful business. So, reach out to them and get your tokenization services to raise millions.