How Blockchain App Factory’s solutions benefit using Blockchain in Real Estate ?

  • Blockchain in Real Estate
    Real estate tokenization projects are rapidly gaining momentum and this has witnessed a corresponding increase in the number of real estates tokenization companies. Analysts are predicting that it will not be long before all major asset classes are being purchased on the blockchain. Blockchain-based real-estate is gaining steam as a medium of interaction for buyers, sellers, and investors, where they can learn about real estate tokenization properties.

    Tokenization leverages the potential and power of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). It improves trust through enhanced transparency. Within the real estate industry, trust is an extremely important factor. Blockchain improves contract processing speeds and minimizes time/cost expenditure.

    Due to the ever-increasing number of real estate transactions, a public database of leases and purchases is more important than ever before. Transparency in the ledger system provides visibility in the transaction history of properties. Transparency is important in establishing trust.

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