Equity Token Offering -- the Secure and Progressive Option

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    Before taking a look at ETO development, let us take a look at the definition of Equity Token Offerings. (ETOs)

    ETO is a strategy for collecting pledges, which enables any type of organization to issue value tokens on the blockchain, either via a public or private platform. Basically, an ETO is an ICO that bears equity tokens over utility or security tokens. These equity tokens are mutually interchangeable.

    Why ETOs over ICOs?

    The primary point of divergence between equity token offerings and initial coin offerings is that ETO projects are established businesses and extra funding enables financing for the expansion of an organization. The owner or the person who issues an ETO is somebody who has established the ability to develop a successful company. Tokenization of a business is an additional step to establish the stage for growth.

    Equity token offerings are the perfect option for serious investors looking for specific solutions that prioritize the security of the investment. For these investors, legal and regulated solutions are the need of the hour. ETOs provide investors with assurance regarding the security of their funding.....Read More