What is STO and how is STO marketing done?

  • STO- Security Token Offering is a method of fundraising where an investor is issued a coin/token representing their investments. Unlike ICOs, security tokens abide by certain regulatory conditions with regards to specific regions. This is a reason why many industries consider STO as a trusted way of raising capital. As the demand is never-ending, the marketing has to be carried out effectively in order to withstand the existing competitors. Top STO marketing companies offer services like,

    Creating a whitepaper/ website
    Social media marketing in platforms like a Facebook, telegram, Reddit, etc
    Content marketing through articles, posting blogs in various blogging websites
    PR/ Press releases
    Influencer marketing
    Bounty Programmes
    Community Building
    Video Marketing/ Youtube Vlogs

    Only a company with a well-experienced team like Blockchain App Factory can provide reliable marketing services as they will be well aware of the customer needs and the constant changes happening in the market and provide solutions accordingly which will attract millions of customers and raise huge capital for the business.