Why a security token offering? What are the benefits?

  • STO- Security Token Offering is a way of raising funds where the investor is issued with a coin/ token to represent their investments. Unlike an ICO, security tokens come along with some regulatory conditions abiding according to the particular region. And presently, we can see many business entities going for security tokens for raising capital for their business, more than ICO’s because of the various benefits it offers. Let’s take a quick look at what are those benefits.

    Key benefits of STO Token Offering:

    24/7 exchange process- Security tokens allow a 24/7 exchange process eliminating the time constraints.
    Fractional Ownership- Security tokens enable fractional ownership which benefits the investors in a huge way, for the future.

    Low Costs- With security tokens, the costs are comparatively lower than the traditional method.

    Increased Liquidity- With security tokens, comes along high-value liquidity that helps with an efficient buying and selling process for the customers.

    Legal Compliance- Security token platforms has inbuilt with it, all legal requirements, which will ensure a smooth business process and avoid any confusion that may occur in the future.

    Quick Settlement- The inbuilt blockchain technology and features with security tokens ensure quick and efficient settlement to the customers.

    These are the top benefits that the investors can avail from implementing a security token offering for their business. And the best way to attain that is by getting in touch with a well experienced STO token offering development company like Blockchain App Factory, who will offer reliable and a securitized token offering platform, that will ensure a successful and smooth business to the customers. So, reach out and join the millionaire club!