Tokenized Asset Offerings - A brand new take on investments

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    Asset Tokenization 101 Bitcoin and the blockchain have forever altered our perception of assets and investing. Blockchain enables fractional investing, mobilizes assets and empowers all sections of the market in the process. Asset tokenization, in layman’s terms, simplifies converting the rights over an asset of economic worth into a digital token. These tokens are recorded and administered on a blockchain network, a transparent and unchanging distributed ledger that serves as a permanent record of transactions that occur on it. Tokenization is therefore driven by improved levels of liquidity, data integrity, and transparency. Further, investors can diversify their investments by means of fractional investing in various assets, instead of concentrating their resources at one source. Technically speaking, tokenization refers to the process of issuing security tokens. This is referred to as an STO (Security Token Offering), in order to distinguish it from other ICOs which may be issuing payment, utility, or equity tokens. STOs are utilized to develop an electronic representation of an asset -- a security token; this token could be a share in a firm, ownership to a real estate property, or involvement in an investment fund. These security tokens are subsequently traded in a secondary market........Read more