STO development matters

  • Security tokens can be described as tokens that describe the value of assets that can be traded (securities) for example, real estate property and commodities. In other words, real-world assets are tokenized. Cryptocurrencies must get through the Howey Test before they are viewed as security tokens.

    STOs can be described as the trade of security tokens for funds from investors for a new project or firm. Regional compliance in terms of regulation is important. Due to the liquidity and characteristics of security tokens, blockchain startups are opting for STOs to develop positive investor perception in their projects. STO development should follow a rigorous and comprehensive process.

    A currency does not need to be backed up, as the success of money is mostly dependent on trust. There are various types of security tokens. The following are the major types:

    Reserve assets token; Security tokens that are indicative of reserve assets like gold and real estate property. Firms that trade such assets usually launch STOs
    Equity token; Equity tokens can be described as security tokens that obtain their value from the company that issues the stocks, providing the owners share rights in the firm combined with voting rights.
    Debt token; Debt tokens, much like debt securities are put out due to the prospect of future payback. Without stock or reserve assets that can be tokenized, it is best to opt for this type of STO.

    When developing an STO, a rigorous and holistic development process is the need of the hour. STO development services typically consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

    Smart contract development; Transaction transparency and reliability (with regards to security tokens) require smart contracts
    Security token development; Security tokens need to be developed according to a project and business-specific needs. The client and investment levels are also a major factor in security token development
    Security token marketing; A specialist team that markets your STO through social media, content, email marketing, and PR is recommended.
    STO website design/development; An accessible website is critical to the success of a token sale. Designers and developers with subject matter expertise and thought leadership go a long way in facilitating functional user interface design.
    STO whitepaper consulting; This consists of developing high quality and data-rich whitepaper for your project, informing potential investors and users about the advantages of investing in your token.
    Security token exchange development; Developing your own digital exchange platform for the trade of security tokens and other crypto is recommended
    Equity token development; Tokenization of a firm’s stocks requires the appropriate equity token for the purpose.
    Tokenized asset offering development; For a digital transformation through asset tokenization, developing the ideal security token for backing up your assets becomes necessary to convert investors.
    Security token wallet development; Providing users of your token with security and trust for trading and storing their tokens becomes vital.
    STO explainer resources; Your project should be comprehensively explained to prospective investors in a simple to understand a way to convince them with regards to your asset

    Security Token Offering Services are your go-to solution to get your fledgling project off to a flying start.