What, Why and How to Tokenize?

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    Right from the days of studying algebra in school, until now, we have used x as a placeholder. We have progressed today where the language permits x be used as a substitute for anything.

    The phenomenon of tokenization is not an exception to this concept of x. While a phrase like ‘tokenizer for x’ can be looked at as a mere expression, It speaks a lot by clearly indicating that x can be substituted with anything. It includes real-world assets like real estate, collectibles, art, technology, and even secure information which re-establishes itself as a Whitelabel Tokenization Platform.

    Security tokens have opened avenues that have facilitated the tokenization of everything. It might not be an exaggeration to say that Security Token Offerings or STOs have spearheaded the movement of Tokenization Platform.

    While STOs have theoretically succeeded in positioning themselves as one of the most dependable and secure solutions for problems like liquidity and security camera, the process still seems a little sophisticated to a few of them. In the oncoming paragraph, we have simplified and summarised the method to tokenize....Read More