How to prepare your security token? Steps involved

  • Before going into the process, let’s have a quick brief of what is an STO and what benefits it provides.
    STO- Security Token Offering is a sale that involves the selling of tokens that represent fractional ownership of a real-world asset in some form. The STO has to comply with the necessary federal regulations to sustain. With STO, there are added benefits like,

    • Access to real-world digital assets
    • 24/7 trading
    • Fractional ownership
    • Increased Liquidity
    • Cost reduction
    • Now let’s discuss the steps involved with developing an STO.

    How to create an STO? Process

    • Ideation
    • Analyzing Geographical regulations
    • Choosing the right security platform
    • Creating Effective White-paper content
    • Website creation
    • Choosing the right marketing plans
    • STO listings
    • Choosing right exchange partners
    • Security check- Assuring no third party involvement
    • Crowd - Funding
    • 24/7 support

    A security token offering process from scratch will consume a lot of time and money. And all the above-mentioned factors come along with a lot of security factors involved. So the better choice here is to opt for assistance from a well-recognized security token development solutions company like Blockchain App Factory, that comprises of a team of well-experienced developers who will provide advanced blockchain technology and are specialized in providing successful STOs. It is said that STOs are the future of investments. So if you want to take advantage of this, develop your own STO and become a part of the millionaire club, go ahead and reach out to the team!