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  • Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency, offers decentralized financial transaction without any interference from a third party. Due to the complicated nature of today’s trading, we use third parties like banks, governments, notaries and so on, to facilitate our monetary affairs. These third parties then have additional requirements like authorizations, approvals, and permissions to process money transactions and function as a central structure to regulate all financial dealings. Bitcoin negates this requirement of middlemen and provides us with a well-situated channel for the peer-peer transaction.

    Bitcoin MLM Software

    Online payment & use of cryptocurrency has changed the face of MLM industry from a traditional trading base to the modern e-commerce applicable network, and it considerably decreased the difficulty of financial matters in an MLM organization. The online payment system transformed the MLM business. Because of these facts, an MLM software integrated with advanced online payment methods is essential for an MLM company.

    Why use Bitcoin?

    1. Easy to use:

    Bitcoin offers a peer-peer network that allows its users to send Bitcoin at any time from any device to anyone, anywhere in the world without any restriction.

    1. Secure:

    All Bitcoin transactions are verified and secured by top-quality encryption. The cipher codes used in these secure transactions are industry standard AES encryption. Besides standard encryption, Bitcoin provides advanced security features like two-factor authentication, secure client-side encryption and many more.

    1. Decentralized:

    One of the most noteworthy of all features of Bitcoin is its decentralized system and open-source nature. This exceptional feature encourages users to opt for it instead of centralized financial services. This distinguishing aspect transformed the traditional concepts of economy and caused a paradigm shift in every monetary attribute.

    1. Minimal Cost

    Unlike the traditional financial service, the Bitcoin network carries free money transaction throughout the globe. You only need to pay a small fee if you wish to speed up the transfer.

    The Bitcoin Wallet

    A wallet is nothing but like a bank account, where you can transact money. In the same way, Bitcoin wallet allows us to receive, store and send Bitcoins. The main type of Bitcoin wallet is a personal Bitcoin wallet that you can install and use on mobile and computer. The personal Bitcoin wallet gives you the complete authority of your Bitcoin. However, maintaining a personal Bitcoin wallet can be tricky as you need to update on Bitcoin security policies and transactions on a timely basis.

    Third party Wallet

    Even though Bitcoin is a peer to peer network, there are a few issues which are still the points of concern for the monetary transactions. These reasons can be the trust issues to the unawareness of blockchain mechanism and the compatibility of the third party Bitcoin API. As of now we are in the primitive stage of cryptocurrencies and are still exploring, it is better to include a trusted third party to the Bitcoin transactions.

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