ICO Marketing Untangled

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    ICO, or Initial Coin Offering is the technology utilized to obtain funds through crowdfunding by issuing crypto tokens/coins. ICO marketing is a critical aspect of your ICO’s launch to ensure visibility for your project, so it can attract, convert, and retain the investors it requires.

    As the technology is relatively nascent, not a lot of firms offer ICO marketing services. Experience is a very important factor when choosing among ICO marketing companies. ICO marketing is therefore, a niche service that is very business specific. Blockchain App Factory is an industry-leading company with extensive experience within the cryptosphere and in blockchain development.

    BAF broadens your firm’s prospects and credibility within the market by providing best-in-industry ICO marketing with its targeted, customized, and tailor-made ICO marketing campaigns. Through the incorporation and customization of strategies which include SEO, PPC, email advertising, social media, and more. ICO marketing not only handles generating of leads, but also concentrates on the attraction, retention, and conversion of prospective investors.....Read More