What are the implications of real estate tokenization?

  • There is growing interest in real estate, but it is a bothersome asset to own and sell. Tokenization minimizes the barrier to entry for typical investors with regards to real estate. Tokenization introduces liquidity to real estate property ownership.

    Blockchain App Factory provides the following variations of real estate tokenization:

    • Commercial real estate tokenization
    • Residential real estate tokenization
    • Single real-estate tokenization
    • Trophy real estate tokenization

    Real estate tokenization will create a revolution in the process of investing.

    Its real estate tokenization platform has the following features:

    • Automated compliance
    • Globalized KYC/AML
    • Multi-ledger asset token development
    • Automated legal and regulations
    • Non-fungible tokens
    • Automated reporting to authorities

    Liquidity opens investment opportunities. An increase in the demand of digital investments means that investors can obtain their tokens straight from the issuer or through digital exchanges. Through this technology, all transactions in buying/selling properties will be simplified in addition to inclusion of the masses.