New DEX Exchange - Offering Royalties for Trading - Training Before Trading - Read Carefully please

  • 0_1575644671247_0db4c943-73a2-4758-aed8-db6b7a0376f6-image.png GET ROYALTIES FOR TRADING!

    10TH OF DECEMBER 2019

    Large Profits to share thanks to the (for training) and DEX (for trading) Partnership. First time ever!

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    How does it simply work? has been created for Crypto Training. Free Crypto Training only.
    With its partner - DEX, a Crypto Exchange – everyone will be able to receive Royalties for Trading.

    Learn how to trade first, on a training period, simply subscribing for free on
    Open every emails, Watch every videos, check tutorials, comment, follow, share and get free eIVI crypto currency on your wallets at the end of the training period.
    Manage your training step by step. No hurry. Follow every instructions. Everything is free. Totally free of charge for everyone. Training is the base to learn. Do it!

    At the end of the training period you will receive your “eIVI” Crypto Currencies. By training, you will know how to get them easily.
    We are launching this program to allow all our users to be ready for trading on the D DAY.
    There is only one way to make it. Everyone needs to learn and train before any trading. Everyone needs to know because everyone will receive tokens, then royalties.
    It is the only way to succeed : being trained!
    From the 10th December 2019 until the end of the training period, DEX will get fees on each trade on its own platform.
    Each trade bring revenues to DEX. Each Trades!

    50% of these total fees, will be monthly shared, as Royalties, to all eIVI Holders.

    Share and Share again… the more you share, the more fees DEX will earn, the more royalties you will get!

    Top Informations:
    • every month, a batch of eIVI token is allocated to all registered users on If you are registered, you will automatically receive at the end of the training period.
    • same for all promoters / influencers / youtubers of our program. If you are registered, you will automatically receive at the end of the training period.
    • at the end of the training period described on, DEX will be granted with the same amount of distributed eIVI tokens. All the others eIVI tokens, will be burnt.
    • at the end of the training period, holders of eIVI Tokens will get a share – Royalties - of the DEX fees distributed on a 50% based for total eIVI available at the end of the training,
    • for all actual IVI Tokens owners, saying again IVI Tokens - a swap – with the rate of 1/1000 will be officially performed at the end of the training period.

    So come and get it, then hold... knowing that automatic shared royalties could be delivered in BTC, ETH or any other major Crypto of our choice.
    For your information, training period will start January 2020. It will end on december 2022. First royalties deliveries will be early January 2023.

    Share and Share again… the more you share, the more users will trade with DEX, the more royalties you will get!

    Get in the training as soon as possible because we are offering batches of eIVI Tokens every month. All this is Absolutely free of charge. The earlier you join, the more eIVI Tokens you will get.
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    Our main social networks are :
    Twitter : @InooviWorld
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    Telegram : @Infinivi
    YouTube :
    Email : [email protected]

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    Thank You

  • Bounty + 100% Airdrop for a New DEX Exchange -

    This new DEX is offering Bounty, Airdrops and Royalties for Holders

    As soon as you start the first Bounty step Campaign, you will receive an email with full instructions.

    Bounty Campaign :

    • 1000 IVI Tokens for each new followers on YouTube Channel : input your email adress in comments of this Youtube Video, like and share :

    • 100 IVI Tokens for each new comments on any videos of the others videos :

    • 100 IVI Tokens for each posts with our stickers, descriptions and keywords on any of your social media : Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. We will send you all our marketing materials by email after your first step in Bounty Campaign.

    • 10000 IVI Tokens for each vidéos posted on your own channels : we will send you our marketing materials through after your first comment

    Airdrop : 100% every month

    For any Bounty campaign realised in December 2019, you will get an airdrop of 100% of IVI Tokens earner during your Bounty Campaign early January 2020.

    Same if you do Bounty every month. You will get a 100% airdrop of IVI Token every following month.

    Articles / Blogs :

    For any published articles or Blogs, minimum 5000 words on and our partners, we are offering 5000 IVI Tokens.

    You will receive all instructions to send your proof of posts and works within the first email after your first comment. Everything is very easy to do.

    Limited offer until Q4 2020
    Thank you so much.