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  • High Yield Investment Program, often abbreviated as HYIP is one of the hottest fads of the high investment business world. Keeping in mind the surging demand for a top quality HYIP script, we have come with one that has all the upgraded technology and state of art features, made available to you at highly competent prices.We have introduced HYIP integrated MLM Software to pave for investments from all around the world into your MLM Business. You can opt for customization of the HYIP script to meet the diverse demands of your business. The HYIP script has been integrated with our MLM software.

    Boost your website traffic and online presence with an array of inbuilt features crafted to simplify the management of your business.

    Let us take a look at the characteristics of our HYIP script.

    The script is designed based on the principle of Separation of Concern.
    It is developed on the most common PHP-MVC framework.
    Powered by WordPress, our HYIP script enables front-end to be designed as per the user’s choice.
    The design is highly responsive and scalable from mobile phones, all the way to computer screens.
    These are the list of characteristics, more impressive is our list of features that would make you to buy our HYIP script right away!

    MVC Framework
    Our HYIP is a completely featured Bitcoin Investment script that is well written in Model View Controller (MVC) Frameworks. You can easily start a new website for commencing the investment Programme without any further ado. You can even design your own website and templates without a sound knowledge of coding.

    Multiple Currency
    The script is currently available in multiple currencies from all over the world. Rates can be displayed in different currency and there is an option for members to complete payment according to the currency of their choice.

    SMTP Settings
    SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Our HYIP script allows you to set SMTP settings and all emails sent through your website will be sent through your mail server.

    Fund Transfer
    You can opt to transfer funds to a friend in the form of a gift or bonus. The range of amount is fixed by the admin.

    As an Admin, you offer users the freedom to single out from a wide variety of saving plans. You have down pat of what the user requires. So, You incorporate the major payment gateway. For the user, depositing money is a simple process. It will only take a few more minutes. Just choose a Payment method, Plan and Amount user hanker to deposit. Once user parlays payment walkover, promptly users deposit metamorphosis active.

    Mass Payment
    Mass Payments make it easier to manage multi payouts. The admin can make payments to thousands of users all at once using it. Once you are ready to pay out the commissions, just select the payment gateway and click on the pay button to process it.

    The compound interest is set by the admin and adds exemplarily to the profit of the user.

    Import/Export Data
    The import and export of data have been made easy and at any time. The options will be displayed only to the administrator and not for the individual users. You can import data using either .xls, .csv, .tsv files to get all your data into your website.

    Unlimited Role Management
    You may have various employees under you and they wouldn’t need to access all the data. Unlimited Role management helps to manage authorization. The admin can define which information is accessible to whom.

    Easy to Use
    The design is very simple and easy to use that anyone with basic internet knowledge can use it quite comfortably.

    Fast, secure and reliable
    Utmost care has been taken to ensure the security of all payments and transactions done within the software. Also, the software is developed in such a manner that there is no hindrance to the smooth working of the system.

    The script can be customized as per the client’s requirement and payment schemes.

    Modern Open Source Technologies
    The script is developed using the most popular and highly familiar PHP-MVC framework. All the capabilities of these are implemented in it.

    Help And Support
    24×7 customer support is provided over the phone as well as through the mail. A complete guide for installation and usage is provided to the customer for easy use post purchase.

    Fully Responsive
    It mechanically optimizes itself for any device, be it smartphones, tablets, desktops and os platforms like android, ios, windows etc

    Tracking activities
    The back office works well for tracing activities. You can trace the activities and transactions of all the members.

    User-friendly Dashboard
    A summary of your system is added as a feature in the back office. You can navigate easily and the operations are very simple.

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