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  • A multilingual add-on or a multi-language add-on for cryptocurrency exchange allows you to display your cryptocurrency exchange script in different languages that you want to make it available. Having a multilingual add-on attracts users who do not understand or are not comfortable speaking English or any other primary language that your exchange is set in. Countries like Japan, France, Germany, Vietnam etc have vast non-English speaking user base that are still untapped by many businesses.
    How does the language translator add-on work?
    Once installed and configured, the administrator can log into the translator administration panel which lets them add new languages on the fly.
    Step 1: Choose the Add New Language option; it would then display a pop-up which lets them fill out the name of the language, short representation of the language (FR for French, DE for German, etc.)
    Step 2: Once you have entered the basic details mentioned above. The page redirects to a section with each line of text fetched from the exchange that can be translated. Against each of the sentences, you can enter the translated text that should display instead of the original English text.
    Step 3: After entering the translated text and saved it, make sure the "Make the language available" toggle is turned on and the status is active for the translation to appear on the cryptocurrency exchange.
    Why do cryptocurrency exchanges need multilingual add-on?
    Cryptocurrency has opened up the possibility for everyone to earn good money provided they understand the trend. At present, the law in most English speaking countries restricts the usage of cryptocurrencies or has strict regulations against it. Whereas countries like Africa, Vietnam, Venezuela, Estonia etc do not curb the use of cryptocurrencies, hence the large volume of cryptocurrency users.
    The more convenient and familiar your exchange is to these users, the regular they become in using it. Making the site multilingual is the obvious step for you to grow your Exchange's user base and transactions.
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