ICO marketing – a critical part of a strategy

  • Blockchain is playing an increasingly important role as its impact reverberates throughout the industry. Adoption of this distributed ledger technology is increasing, with companies looking to effectively handle and optimize their everyday operations. The FinTech sector and the fundraising segment are brilliant examples. Blockchain is a decentralized and optimized way to raise capital, ideal for a fledgling startup.

    ICOs or initial coin offerings are one of the preferred funding models. The first two quarters of 2019 have witnessed more than 70 projects raise nearly 350 million US$ in terms of capital. Further analysis reveals that a majority of these projects carried a significant time investment with regards to identifying and adopting the correct marketing strategies. Which begs the question, what is ICO marketing? And how does it function? And how does the Blockchain App Factory simplify matters for businesses in this regard?

    ICO marketing demystified

    Visualize a product launch. In this scenario, a company utilizes various promotional tools to communicate their idea and vision of the product to the client. After several promotional cycles have been readied, and after the final launch of the product, the business receives assurance of its market success.

    ICO marketing functions in a similar way. A conscious effort is needed by the entrepreneur. For example, the various parts that make up a typical campaign schedule are listed below:

    • Whitepapers: Whitepapers are a critical aspect in the total process. They enumerate the concept, the USP, tech specifications, and road map.
    • Websites: These are an electronic portal where users and potential investors can find extra information regarding the offering.

    • Social media: Social media facilitates and handles the community that has an investment in your product. The members assist with positive publicity and word-of-mouth advertising.

    • SEO techniques: Enhances the searchability and online presence of the product.

    • Advertising: Provides the platform a competitive advantage by effectively reaching target audiences.

    • Newsletters: They play the critical function of transmitting vital information to investors and clients, providing them information, reminders, and updates.

    These laborious services are often a burden to entrepreneurs. The skilled marketers and advertising prowess of Blockchain App Factory provide remarkable value addition to businesses while reducing their cumbersome workloads in this regard. Blockchain App Factory is a dedicated and well-versed solutions provider in this field.

    Why Blockchain App Factory – the bottom line

    Reliable and authentic services are essential for a good marketing firm. In addition to going above and beyond fulfilling expectations in this regard, Blockchain App Factory has an extensive portfolio that is sure to ease your nerves. Competitive, best-in-market pricing and an assurance of product exposure are hallmarks of Blockchain App Factory. An aggressive adherence to tight deadlines assures effective progress in projects.

    Marketing makes or breaks ICOs. It promotes awareness regarding products and connects an organization with potential clients and investors. Taking into account that crypto and blockchain are in their infancy, it is critical to implement effective promotional initiatives to stand out. Today is the perfect time to launch your ICO. Get in touch with Blockchain App Factory to realize your goals. Effective ICO marketing is within your arm’s reach.