What Is ICO Marketing and How It Works?

  • Initial Coin Offering or ICO is a crowdfunding model that is based on the blockchain. By distributing tokens, businesses can raise funding for their projects. It does not have much red tape involved and collects funds in a streamlined and decentralized fashion. ICOs also allow entrepreneurs and investors to connect directly and also circumvent traditional models such as venture capitalists and angel investors.

    But, merely launching an ICO project does not guarantee its success. One has to also actively market it to advertise the idea as well as attract potential investors. Here is a list of some marketing activities you can undertake to promote your ICO:

    • Create a dedicated website for your ICO to engage with your audience
    • Conduct proper research to identify target demographics
    • Push out relevant content on your website as well as social media portals
    • Employ advertising and email marketing to reach your target investors better
    • Be active on forums to create a community and generate interest

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