How To Market Your ICO Better

  • Initial Coin Offering uses blockchain technology to raise funds in a streamlined and transparent manner. This funding model is gaining a lot of popularity because of the ease it offers. It is quickly replacing established models such as venture capital and angel investments.

    Like any other venture, an ICO also needs to be promoted to ensure its viability. Hence, ICO marketing is essential. Here are a few tips on how you can promote your project effectively:

    • Website: This acts as your primary platform as well as a point-of-contact for your customers.

    • Social Media: These platforms help you engage and interact with your followers while also creating a community around your project.

    • Influencers: Hire personalities to promote your project using word-of-mouth marketing.

    • Airdrops and Bounties: Attract users by giving away tokens and also enabling individuals to earn tokens by completing simple tasks.

    • Blogging: Release a series of detailed articles or listicles that highlight the benefits of your product.

    Blockchain App Factory can help you with every stage of ICO marketing. They can formulate comprehensive promotional campaigns that integrate a variety of factors such as social media, videos, advertising, and more. They have a large team of expert digital marketers who work round the clock to give your project a competitive edge.