Launch An STO Using These 4 Simple Steps

  • Blockchain is helping streamline processes and increase efficiency in a number of industries. One such sector enjoying the benefits of this decentralized technology is the private equity industry. With the introduction of transparent and reliable crowdfunding models like Security Token Offering, entrepreneurs are gaining more opportunities.

    Also known as STO, this funding mechanism allows startups to circumvent established practices such as venture capitalists and angel investors. Moreover, it protects the interests of investors by providing them an equity stake in the projects and guaranteeing returns incase a project tank. Moreover, STOs are recognized and compliant with the US Security and Exchange Commission.

    Launching an STO in 2019 is not a very complicated affair. With the help of premier STO development companies like Blockchain App Factory, one can develop their project in no time. However, it is critical to understand the different steps involved in the process of building a Security Token Offering.

    Setting Up

    The initial phase of an STO involves laying the groundwork, as well as, understanding the ins and outs of your business. This is also the time to build your team and set up a website for your business. Also, publish your whitepaper highlighting the features and road map of your project.

    The Pre-STO cycle

    Here, you go about developing technology architecture for the STO and mint your tokens. Alternatively, create custodians to manage the assets you have staked as collateral. Also, formulate a plan to distribute your tokens and fund utilization.

    Reaching the Investors

    Now, its time to go for the token sale. Use digital marketing to promote your platform and tokens. Employ social media platforms to create a community and following. Furthermore, you can run advertisement campaigns to reach your target audience efficiently.

    Starting Your Enterprise

    The final step in an STO ends with a new beginning. After receiving funds, you can begin developing your business and all the allied platforms according to the schedule you laid out in the road map.

    Blockchain App Factory offers end-to-end solutions when it comes to building your STO platform. Their services are 100% white-labeled and are very easy to customize. Their business analysts provide key market insights and their developers can build for your highly robust platforms. Contact them today to develop and launch your STO in a very short timespan.