How to Promote an ICO? What are the Strategies

  • After all the planning, you’re all set to rake in funds for your startup with ICOs. The initial impression you make will determine the success ahead of you. Will you convert enough ICOs to at least achieve the soft cap? Dispel doubts and be surer of your prospects with these [ICO promoting strategies](link url).

    Start with your niche audience
    Host a pre-sale and a private event for your ICO. These events have proven to have high rates of profitability. Your niche audience will display keener interest in your product or service than the general audience.

    Communicate clearly and effectively
    Present your project with transparency. Be brief in explaining its features, how it works and more. The more your investors know about your project, the more convinced they will be to invest.

    Provide investors with all the information they need
    A whitepaper on your project’s details will help your investors to get to know you better. It gives your investors the information and the confidence they need to invest in your ICOs. Key details you

    • should include in your whitepaper are:
    • A brief word on the genesis of your idea
    • Start and end dates of your project
    • The expertise of the team
    • How the tokens will be distributed
    • The capital required to complete the project

    Create a website
    Fill up your website with great straightforward content. Potential investors will find it convenient to become familiar with you from your website. Your ICO is sure to see great results with simple navigations and design.

    Social media
    The presence of your startup on multiple social media platforms will make it easier for potential investors to know, communicate and follow your project. You can reach a wide audience in a short span of time by creating campaign posts on social media. Some of the few leading platforms that can boost your ICO sales are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and Quora.

    ICO listings
    Get more light to shine on your startup’s ICOs by having them listed on top ICO listing sites. Some sites list ICOs for free. Investing a nominal fee for your ICOs placement on an ICO listing site will see greater rewards.

    Airdrop campaigns
    Retain and encourage active users and those who promote your ICO by offering them free tokens. This reinforces your users and affiliates to buy more tokens from your startup.

    Putting these ICO strategies in effect will result in a spike in your startup’s investments and this is where Blockchain App Factory comes into the picture. The company provides you with the best ICO and relevant strategies.