ICO Promotion Services

  • Creating an ICO is quite a technical achievement in itself! Initial Coin Offerings bring together, a lucrative avenue to invest in promising startups while gaining license or access to their products or services. There are factions who might argue that ICOs do not imply securities or equities, and there have been instances of ICOs being used by scammers in the time when the SEC didn’t have a hold over them. In all of this, it cannot be denied that ICOs have their own charm, and 2017 and 2018 did see a massive spike in the graph of ICOs pointing up and to the right, both in terms of value and volume.

    For your, ICO to take off in the market and to be known to the masses, and all of these, well before even the issue of the tokens starts, marketing is a vital activity! Even if the technical intricacy in your ICO is intense, and the company/product/service is fantastic, it would still need some flexing of the marketing muscle to let the world know that your ICO exists.

    Here, we’ve outlined some of the tried and tested methods of promoting your ICO.

    Press Release Distribution

    A key factor that fuels the trust and increases the probability of investors choosing to invest in your ICO is the credibility. One of the best ways to boost your credibility is through press-release distribution.

    One of the greatest advantages that press releases bring to the promotion is that it has no flavor of promotion! Since the news has the typical ‘straight out of the horse’s mouth’ tone, it is usually well-received without any bias. Press releases have, for long been the most preferred channel of promotion for ICOs.

    How Should the Press Release Be?

    While ‘press releases’ might look attractive at the blanket level, it needs to be understood that there are a lot of finer details that go into creating an effective PR strategy. There are different sections of users to whom the ICO needs to be marketed to. One one side, there are investors who might not understand the technology that lies behind the ICO. On the other, there are users who are into new-age technologies and would like to invest in a startup, just because they’d like to avail the first-hand experience of the product or service.

    In all of this, it has to be understood that the news-consumption pattern of no two sets of users is the same. Therefore, the presence of your ICO needs to be marked in every sphere possible. A good ICO marketing agency needs to understand the need for this pocketed PR distribution among different people and should provide 360-degree ICO PR services.

    Our PR Distribution Services:

    Our PR distribution services span both these territories. On one side, we have magazines dedicated to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and ICOs. On the other, there are magazines that deal with finance and technology. Beyond both of these in terms of reach, credibility, and authority, are the big names like Forbes, NY Times and Mashable.

    Our PR distribution team ensures that your presence is felt across sites like these, so your ICO gets the much-needed jet-assisted takeoff when it comes to marketing.

    Other Channels:

    A major chunk of ICO marketing success can be attributed just to press releases. However, the work of a good ICO marketing agency shouldn’t stop there. Our marketing services foray into classical avenues like social media and content-driven marketing.

    Get in touch:

    Should you have any requirement to market your ICO in the right avenues and in the most effective and attractive way, you can get in touch with us for a holistic ICO marketing plan. We ensure that the focus is on creating a meticulous PR distribution strategy and supporting it with channels like social media.