How To Market A Security Token Offering?

  • Security Token Offering or STO is quickly transforming the crowdfunding landscape. By guaranteeing the investments of investors and using real-world assets as collateral, STOs are helping entrepreneurs move away from traditional methods such as venture capital and angel investment.

    Moreover, this fundraising model is also recognized by regulatory authorities and comply with KYC/AML protocols.

    While an STO provides startups with a formidable model, they also have to rely on marketing it well to ensure the success of the project. Hence, anyone planning to launch an STO has to keep in mind the following steps:

    • STO Listing Avenue: Choose the best listing platform to market your tokens. Positive reviews from the community help increase the credibility of your project.
    • Advertising and SEO: By creating engaging ads and employing established SEO techniques, it is possible to reach the target audience.
    • Promotional Shows and Events: Engaging influencers and other bigwigs will help improve traction for your project and attract more investors.
    • Airdrops and Bounty Programmes: Introducing incentive programs will enhance the popularity of the project and also helps to keep the community engaged with the product.
    • Newsletters and Press Release: By regularly disseminating information on the progress of the project will help build trust among investors.
    • Social Media Presence: This not only acts as an excellent marketing platform but also as a point of contact where the community can communicate with you.

    Marketing an STO in 2019 is not a difficult task. Blockchain App Factory offers complete security token promotion services that help entrepreneurs take a breather. Their end-to-end solutions are crafted while keeping in mind the latest market practices and gives your project a competitive advantage.