Use Cases of blockchain-based smart contracts

  • Smart contracts are digital contracts that are automated i.e. they do not require any intervention of a human to oversee the processes. If the conditions coded into the smart contracts are met, then it executes itself. What are the areas in which this smart contract can be used?

    • Property
      Generally, contracts that are written for the purpose of sale and purchase of property are lengthy and expensive. Smart contracts can simplify and speed up the process while helping their users save on costs.
    • Medical
      The aspect of healthcare is extremely important. Every tiny detail and second count, therefore time-saving and cost-effective solutions can really make a difference. Smart contracts provide a secure and convenient way to store sensitive data.
    • Voting process
      It should take place ethically and without any malpractices. For this purpose, smart contracts are the perfect answer.
    • Insurance
      Claiming insurance is a tedious process. Smart contracts can automate processes and simultaneously reduce the costs involved.
    • Patenting
      Obtaining a patent of ideas or products can be done easily with smart contracts. Since they are immutable, they cannot be manipulated. There is always a record or proof of the entered data.

    The use cases of these smart contracts increase day by day. Industries are realizing its potential and employing these digital contracts in their operations. Looking for someone to handle your smart contract development? Blockchain App Factory is experienced and skilled. Have a look at their services to know more.