Understanding The Different Types Of Tokenization Platforms

  • Blockchain technology has dramatically changed the way we approach the ownership of real-world assets. By using tokenization, it is possible to convert physical assets into digital tokens. Tokenization also helps in improving the liquidation of large and expensive assets by fragmenting the ownership.

    Today, there are multiple types of tokenization platforms. They have been listed below:

    Real-estate Tokenization: Transform properties such as houses, offices, and other buildings into digital tokens. These tokens can be sold to a global network of investors.
    Art Tokenization: Tokenization has helped make the art industry accessible to everybody. People can now purchase art tokens of paintings or sculptures and create diverse portfolios in the art industry.
    VC Fund Tokenization: Now anyone can become a venture capitalist and invest in the startups of tomorrow. Tokenization has helped democratize the entire business funding process.
    Stable Coins: Launch cryptocurrencies that promise a store of value and is immune to price volatility. This is made possible by pledging digital tokens against bullion, fiat currency, and even other cryptocurrencies.
    Illiquid Asset Tokenization: Tokenization has the ability to liquidate any type of assets thus giving a respite to owners of illiquid assets.

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