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  • How to use US Coin Market?
    US Coin Market is one of the most popular Listing in Cryptospace.It tracks the market capitalization of various cryptocurrencies in a user-friendly and transparent way.US Coin Market gets its real-time data from multiple exchanges, making it easy for users to track price information for thousands of digital tokens.The amount of trades that use them and the current price converted into fiat currencies.
    About US Coin Market
    • Provides information, statistics, and charts for thousands of cryptocurrencies
    • Connects directly to exchanges to track real-time Prices
    • Is trusted across the internet for providing unbiased information about various crypto and blockchain Projects.

    Key terms used on US Coin Market
    Market Cap (Market Capitalization): The total value of all Circulating Cryptocurrencies Combined.
    24h Volume: 24 hour trading Volume; the total value of all cryptocurrency sold in the past 24 hours.
    Price: The Current Price of a Cryptocurrency.
    Circulating Supply: The Total number of units of a digital token released to date.Bitcoin has a circulating supply of around 17.6 million out of a total volume of 21 million total bitcoins that can ever be created.
    Historial Data: The Price, trading volume, and market cap data for any particular date in the entire history of a cryptocurrency.
    Change (24h): The Percentage by which a digital token has risen or fallen over the past 24 hours.
    Understanding US Coin Market Graphs
    Clicking on any particular Cryptocurrency on US Coin Market will take you to a graph of that cryptocurrency's Price movements over a chosen Period of time,
    Some Tips for understanding US Coin Market graphs include:
    • You can Change the time period of the graph;You can select a specific range of dates ,or you can choose a time period like 1d,7d,1mo,1y etc.
    • View Prices in USD, BTC, or ETH (available for most coins, with USD displayed by default)
    • Check the box at the bottom to include or exclude the market cap and 24 hour Volume
    • Change the view to a linear or log graph; the linear view is easier to read and is better for beginners, although some prefer a log graph for its more accurate overview.

    How to use US Coinmarket to find a place to buy a Specific Crypto:
    Step 1: Open US Coin Market and search for the coin
    Step 2: Check Prices on Various exchanges, then choose your desired exchange
    You can find people posting questions on Reddit, Facebook or twitter asking where to buy a specific coin.This is risky.Someone might respond with a fake link or recommend a bad exchange. In most cases; US Coin Market is the safest place to get the answer.
    Using the US Coin market API
    The US Coin Market API is one of the most popular API'S in the Crypto community.The API Comes with plenty of documentation and support, making it easy to integrate into your setup.
    You can use the US Coin Market API to backtest trading strategies, For example: You can also use the API to pull market data or check historial prices.
    The US Coin market API is also a premium plan allowing for granular tick data, allowing more advanced traders to take advantage of US Coinmarket's data.