Invite: Formal Verification Discussion with Certik & Kadena - Covering Blockchain FV

  • Hey Altcointalk Gang! In the spirit of decentralization, research, and code reviewing, there’s a dev-snazzy Live AMA coming up on the 7th of May 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT between Certik & Kadena.

    We know who Certik are, and Kadena is a haskell based platform focusing on ChainWeb.

    There will be general coverage, but it’s well open for a deep dive. You guys are some of the leading researchers out there on DLT and feel that it would be an honour to have ya’ll join!

    You can RSVP here
    Or directly join their Discord

    Then pre-ask any questions! Or even Tweet and Tag #FormalVerficationAMA and it will be addressed during it. Oh and you can definitely ask in between. Looking forward to having brilliant minds join in on the conversation!

  • If anyone wants to know more about Formal Verification, please do shout out here