Whitelabel CryptoWallets for Inflation-Free Investments

  • Trade your Cryptocurrency with Blockchain App Factory.They develop Secure Whitelabel Cryptowallet for ERC20/ERC223 ,Bitcoin/Litecoin, Cryptonote/Monero, Doge/Waves/Dash with the Following Features.


    • Secured Authentication & Authorization
    • Send and Receive Function
    • Billing and Invoice
    • Admin Panel
    • Windows/Linux/Mac Wallet
    • iOS App
    • Android App
    • Push Notifications
    • Airdrop to All or Specific Users
    • Smart QR
    • Buy/Sell advice based on average cost per coin
    • Account labeling, color coding, budgeting and separate business/identity management
    • Automatic generation of a new public key for each transaction + manual one-touch address generation
    • Alerts/Feeds
    • Decide what exchange you pull your price
    • Payment gateway integrations
    • Multiple Cryptocurrency


    • Import/Export private keys to a new wallet for the same user
    • Optional Timed Logout
    • Optional Password Protection
    • Automatic denial of payment to the same address twice
    • Client-side private key storage
    • Zero Knowledge on Private Key
    • Device Validation

    Legal Security

    • KYC
    • Legal Contract

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