Warning about Phishing/Scam Please be informed that recently there have been incidences of scammed messages using the MERCATOX name and Mercatox is warning users about this. Please, pay your attention that only original Mercatox website is https://mercatox.com/ Support center: https://support.mercatox.com/ E-mails: [email protected] [email protected] You can always find our official contacts here - https://mercatox.com/contacts All other websites, emails, social networks are fake and don't have any affiliation with us. We do not use any social media, messengers and Discord App for communicates with our customers. If you receive email or request that looks suspicious to you, please make sure this is not a scam and double-check with [email protected] We’ll be glad to check and confirm if this request was sent from us. Taking care of our users, MercatoxTeam