Spotcoin has been working very hard with their private funds raised over the past few months, and now they revealed they will be launching their product, the SPOTCOIN exchange, within 2 months instead of somewhere next year (read the full update here). The good part, owning their tokens mean you get two types of dividends. One is related to the exchange fees. The other to their secondary sources of revenue (hydro-mining, otc). Another thing I like is that they are from Georgia (the country) and they are working hard to get the crypto adoption ball going....and are succeeding in it. Another huge aspect that will drive adoption? They will offer 10 fiat currencies from the start, so it will be easy to many to buy crypto....make it as easy as possible :). The fun thing about this all? They they started their ICO last week and it runs until the 27th of October. Yes, they may not be getting the many millions some projects easily got back in January, but still they are doing great, so many people actually believe this could go somewhere :).