IoT includes blockchain one of the major game changer in the world of Information technology. Securing Information in the world inter network system is much needed. That brings us to the blockchain technology that will enable the people to store all the information in the distributed ledger. Not only that, the Smart contracts also comes because of the way of execution of of contracts with the help of blockchain technology. Smart contracts are some lines of code which is stored on a blockchain network and automatically execute when predetermined terms and conditions are met. It helps us to exchange money, shares property and anything in the transparent value action. It is the digital protocol, created for validating the conditions of the legal contract between two or more parties. It is the automated digital contract which is highly secured and self-executed also reduce the huge cost of third-party invention. It solved many issues faced with traditional contract works. Many blockchain Smart contracts Development companies are present to help those in need of execution/ integration of such technologies in their field of business.